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Inspiring people to be the best they can be and enjoy life.


It is the Mission of On Track Coaching to provide professional high-quality coaching, consulting and training services to our customers to equip them with the needed skills, knowledge, and competencies to achieve their goals. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced employees will exceed our customers’ expectations in customer service.


"Most informative. A good discussion on the fine line to be walked with good examples to use. Dr. Sizer provides a most useful play book that can be practiced by everyone, including myself, and many of my women friends who oftentimes find themselves having taken on much more than is humanly possible to accomplish in a 60-80 hour week! Thank you!"

"Awesome Presentation. Thanks to Dr. Sizer for those valuable information. Interpersonal skills are a must for today's corporate environment with fast changing team dynamics... "


"Excellent presentation and training. I liked how she brought the topic of "paradigm shift" and how it's so important in building interpersonal skills."


"Being able to present an idea in a clear and articulate manner is sometimes as important if not more important than the idea itself. You do not want to waste people's time, you want to make it easy and logical so that others can follow your train of thought. With that in mind the training was excellent."


"Today I had the opportunity to watch and hear your webinar presentation and I want to express it was amazing, really interesting and really valuable, clear and worthy. Congratulation it might be one of the best webinar about interpersonal skills"

S. Winter, CA

"Outstanding training, engaging and motivating"

E. White Corona CA

"Good presentation covered a lot of ground in a short time"

C. Torrey Washington D.C.


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